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Wednesday, March 13th 

11:00am EST / 8:00am PST


Tom Murphy
Principal CTO
4 Clover Digital

"Leading the Charge: The Evolving Role of CxOs in Navigating the Gig Economy Landscape"

The concept of C-suite executives in the gig economy, often referred to as "fractional executives," is gaining traction. This new trend involves professionals providing strategic guidance to companies on a contract or part-time basis, rather than as full-time employees. Fractional executives offer the skills and insights of seasoned leaders but at a low
er cost, as they do not require a full-time salary and benefits. This model is particularly beneficial for small or mid-size firms that need top-tier talent but may not have the resources to afford it on a full-time basis.

Please join us for this QuickBYTE to discuss this evolving landscape.  

 Meet the Speaker

Tom Murphy
4 Clover Digital

As Principal CTO with 4 Clover Digital, Tom Murphy, is a transformational CTO with cross-industry experience, leading IT organizations in international settings.  Tom excels in engineering, pioneering, and deploying complex IT solution designs, including cloud-based applications. With a strong expertise in leveraging infrastructure, software, security, and data, Tom drives technology-enabled business development and client retention. As a transformational leader, is adept at deploying vision and leading enterprise-wide policy implementations, while streamlining complex IT designs and spearheading cutting-edge technology initiatives.

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