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Wednesday, November 17th 

11:00am EST / 8:00am PST


Daniel Morgan
Principle Advisor

Can You Trust
Zero Trust?


"Zero Trust" is the latest in a long string of buzz words used to market security products and services but whether it delivers tangible benefits and actionable initiatives is far less clear. All of us want to do the right thing to comply with governance, compliance, and auditing requirements to protect our customers, our organizations, our employees and to be good corporate citizens.

Only three things matter in information technology: Quality of Service (QoS), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and risk reduction and the question Morgan will address is whether and what "Zero Trust" delivers. Please join us Wednesday, November 17th, as we speak with expert Daniel Morgan on the value of "Zero Trust".  Morgan will provide the guidance necessary to make Zero Trust actionable.

 Meet the Speaker

Daniel Morgan
Principle Advisor

Zione Solutions

Dan Morgan is Principal Advisor on Zero Trust governance, compliance, auditing and security for Zione Solutions. Morgan has more than 5 decades in IT leadership, is one of ten members, worldwide, of the Oracle Corp. Database Security Partner Advisory Council, is a retired adjunct professor from the University of Washington, has guest lectured in 44 countries, and was the founding Chair of the Washington Technology Industry Association's Database SIG. Morgan's professional references include aerospace, banking, biomedical, finance, insurance, and public sector and he has served as an advisor to Information Security at one of the world's largest aerospace defense organizations.

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